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Export Facilited

  • Free customs liberation for the ruling customs officer and other
  • He allows the closing of I exchange simplificity/SIMPLEX through bank ticket
  • There is no volume limit for his load, with the value even US$ 50,000.00
  • The export can be area or marine
  • Attendance of his document or merchandise to the contracted final destiny
  • Liberation electronically made through DSE (Simplified Declaration of Export)
  • VEXTRA COURIER EXPRESS asks the exporter to emit only his/her receipt, being VEXTRA COURIER EXPRESS entrusted of the retreat of the load and the remaining path (emission of DSE, AWB, B/L, and Commercial Invoice), not burdening with any additional costs as emission of REVERSE, withdrawal of SDA and customs liberation
  • VEXTRA COURIER EXPRESS transports Viracopos/Guarulhos even and it promotes the ruling customs officer immediately in the useful day subsequent to the collection
  • Without weight restriction and or number of volumes. VEXTRA COURIER EXPRESS doesn't impose restrictions to the total weight of the remittance or the number of volumes
  • VEXTRA COURIER EXPRESS through a specific software, will facilitate the preparation and emission of the necessary documents for export facilitated US$ 50,000.00 even
  • Immediate connections and with total control, individual of each package, for more than 20 thousand destinies, in 200 countries, in the five continents
  • Conexões imediatas e com controle total, individual de cada pacote, para mais de 20 mil destinos, em 220 países, nos cincos continentes
  • His remittance for VEXTRA COURIER EXPRESS, will put at your disposal the whole necessary support documentation for the closing of I exchange/SIMPLEX corresponding close to the banks
  • You can track her remittance directly, at any moment, for the internet or for the specific software of VEXTRA COURIER EXPRESS
  • VEXTRA COURIER EXPRESS guarantees that his remittance will arrive on time to his destiny
  • Guaranteed the immediate embarkment after the customs liberation, in reliable flights, five days a week, starting from Viracopos and or Guarulhos
  • In the export system facilitated to US$ 50,000.00 DSE (Simplified Declaration of Export), how many remittances can you make wants daily, weekly or monthly; not caring for the same or for several consignee, or be not there is any restriction for volumes, weight or even amount of exports made at the same time. Only the value should be observed of even US$ 50,000.00
  • VEXTRA COURIER EXPRESS provides him/her varied options of revenue, in agreement with their needs - freight pré-pays, freight to collect, imposed pré-pay, imposed pay by the addressee, etc.
  • In the global economy, the small ones, personal computer and averages companies can export to the main markets until the value US$ 50,000.00, without the conventional bureaucracy of an export and without the costs customs officers

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