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Airfreight Products

Victors Logistics Ltda airfreight logistics has many specialised variations. Whether your cargo needs rapid shipping, precise temperature regulation, or requires special handling, we have the right product for you.

Victors Logistics Ltda suite of airfreight products has been designed to meet the logistics challenges our customers face every day. We constantly strive to expand and improve our portfolio of services to ensure that we stay one step ahead of the competition.

These products incorporate innovative and industry-unique features including:

Industry-leading commitment to quality standards

Delivery time promise

Visibility of actual and planned movements

Automatically calculated “all inclusive” price (Subject to out of control costs) (Security screening where applicable, Fuel and Security Charges incurred from carriers)

Immediate availability of price (including “to-door”)

Accurate and standardised invoicing

KN Express: automated performance guarantee


Victors Express

We share your sense of urgency, guaranteeing you fast, reliable delivery.

High Priority

Regardless of size, Victors Express meets your urgent or time-critical cargo requirements. Supported by our  capabilities and including a performance guarantee, we deliver your cargo quickly and reliably.

Key characteristics:

Automated delivery promise

Automated performance guarantee
If Victors Logistics Ltda, or any of our carriers, are responsible for cargo not being delivered as promised, you will automatically be reimbursed the difference in cost that would apply under our standard airfreight product, Victors Express.

Fastest transit time
Entire shipment cycle planned and proactively monitored, ensuring delivery as promised - typically within 1 to 3 days for every consignment.

All terms and conditions and ranges of delivery
Maximum flexibility for every delivery requirement: door to door, door to airport, airport to door, or airport to airport.

For every size and weight (Aircraft specifications apply)
While cargo dimensions may limit the speed of shipment, they don’t limit our ability to reliably deliver within the fastest possible time frame.

Includes carrier's prime express products 

All inclusive price (Subject to out of control costs (Security screening where applicable, Fuel and Security Charges incurred from carriers)

Victors Expert

Fast. Reliable. Efficient.

A premium consolidation service.

Victors Expert provides a premium consolidation service to combine your requirements for fast, time-defined delivery with a consolidation solution.

Key characteristics:

Premium consolidation service
Relying on Cargo certified carriers or, where not available, other selected partners.

Transit time approximately 3 to 5 days (door-to-door)
Monitored from end to end on the basis of the shipment’s individual  route map, to ensure reliable delivery.

Direct flights used where possible

Maximum flexibility
Service fulfilment regardless of size, weight or terms of delivery (door to door, door to airport, airport to airport, airport to door)

Specially labelled cargo and airwaybill
For easy cargo identifications

All Incoterms and Pick-up / Delivery ranges possible

All inclusive price (Subject to out of control costs (Security screening where applicable, Fuel and Security Charges incurred from carriers)

Every size and weight (aircraft specifications apply)

Victors Extend

Economical. Efficient. Reliable.

For your time-extended supply chain requirements. If you have the time, we have the savings.

Key characteristics:

Optimised consolidation
Optimal consolidation in a longer time frame, suited to price-sensitive cargo with non-urgent transit times

All inclusive price (Subject to out of control costs (Security screening where applicable, Fuel and Security Charges incurred from carriers)

Maximum cost saving

Transit time 6+ days (door-to-door)
Individually planned, time-defined, and monitored from end to end.

Maximum flexibility
Regardless of size or weight; delivery options include door to door, door to airport, airport to door and airport to airport

Specially labelled cargo and airway bill
For easy cargo identification

Victors FreshChain

Temperature-sensitive cargo, such as cut-flowers, plants, fish, meat and flower bulbs, needs to be handled according to specific requirements and with the highest care.

We offer you a one-stop-shopping concept.

Temperature-sensitive cargo, like cut flowers, plants, fish, meat and flower bulbs, needs to be handled according to specific requirements, and with the highest care. We are committed to make sure your products will reach their final destination in the best possible condition.

Temperature-controlled cargo commonly handled by  Victors Logistics Ltda includes:


Flower & plants

Dairy products

Fruit and vegetables

Meat and poultry

Fish and seafood

We deliver your perishables fresh, right to the door

Our global specialist team ensures that your temperature-controlled cargo reaches its final destination in proper condition. Our specialists have extensive knowledge of cargo temperature requirements, global expertise in climatic variations, and access to a wide range of value-added services. They are strategically located around the world to ensure that your precious cargo is looked after by local experts, every step of the way.

Benefits of  Victors FreshChain:

Door-to-door service

Single point of contact for the customer

One invoice

One all-in rate per kilogram or per box – no additional/hidden costs

Pre-clearance upon “wheels-up”

Same-day delivery. Your cargo is ready for delivery 2 hours after aircraft arrival

Ability to deliver full ULDs or skids/boxes

Bogus claims are avoided as we provide the necessary temperature and condition checks on pick-up from airline and delivery to the customer

Service is available 7 days per week

Part charters at the peak of the season, or at points where there is insufficient or inadequate lift available


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