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There are thirteen INCOTERMS. They are:

EXW (Ex Works) - In this case, the entire load is the responsibility of the importer. The exporter is obliged only to provide the product and invoice in their establishment. Thereafter, expenses or damages are losses with a load of who's buying. Because of this, the method is not widely used, although it is possible for any means of transport.

FCA (Free Carrier) - The importer indicates the place where the exporter delivers the goods, where his responsibilities cease on cargo which is in the custody of the carrier. Can be used for any mode of transport, including multimodal.

FAS (Free Alongside Ship) - The goods must be delivered by the exporter along the ship's side, already cleared for boarding. The costs of loading and all other follow thereafter on account of the importer. This Incoterm is used for sea or waterway.

FOB (Free on Board) - is the most widely used. The exporter delivers the load already cleared on the ship in port of shipment by the importer. Thus, all costs in the country of origin shall be borne by the exporter. Other costs such as freight and insurance, in addition to cargo handling at destination, borne by the importer. The mode is also restricted to transport maritime.

CFR (Cost and Freight) - Under this term, the exporter delivers the cargo at the port of destination, paying for expenses with sea freight. The risks, however, transfer from the time when the goods cross the ship's rail, which causes insurance to be paid by the importer and the customs clearance at destination. It is also restricted to modal shipping waterway.

CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) - This mode is similar to CFR, but the exporter is also responsible for the insurance premium. Therefore, he has to deliver the cargo on board the vessel at the port of shipment, freight and insurance paid. The mode is also restricted to modal maritime.

CPT (Carriage Paid to) - The term fulfills the same obligations as the CFR, ie, the exporter must pay the shipping costs of the goods and their international freight to the designated destination. The difference is that can be used in connection with any means of transport.

CIP (Carriage and Insurance Paid to) - The game has the same characteristics of the CIF, where the exporter bears the cost of shipment of freight to the place of destination and insuring the goods to the named place of destination. The difference is that can be used for all forms of transport, including multimodal.

DAF (Delivered At Frontier) - The load is employed by the exporter on the edge bordering the importing country. This term is used mainly in cases of road or rail.

DES (Delivered Ex Ship) - The exporter places the burden to the importer at the destination, on board the ship, bearing all the costs of freight and insurance, getting free of cost only clearance. Used only for sea or waterway.

DEQ (Delivered Ex Quay) - The merchandise is delivered to the importer at the port of destination, leaving the exporter, plus costs of freight and insurance, afford spending on landing. The importer is responsible only for expenses with ease.

DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) - This mode allows the scheme called door-to-door, since it is the responsibility of the exporter to deliver the goods at the place designated by the importer, with all expenses paid, except only for royalty payments customs, taxes and other charges on imports. Can be used for any mode of transport.

DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) - This system is the exact opposite of EXW therefore all responsibility is load the exporter. He is committed to deliver the goods at the place determined by the importer, including paying taxes and other import charges. He just will not cover the clearance of goods. Can be used with any mode of transport.


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