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From logistics to the e-logistics

From logistics to the e-logistics.


In the last decade electronic commerce has managed to establish itself as one of the economic actors who have registered a higher growth rate. Spectacular growth for our times, which are a direct consequence of the rapid adaptation and evolution of most of the agents involved in the development of this channel.



Since the mid-90s until today, ecommerce has suffered a "reinvention" and the changes undergone have managed to devote to electronic commerce as a mainstay of the Spanish, European and world economy.

Consumers have woken up and are devising Internet as the natural environment for shopping. Currently, anyone strange and we can buy it online from basic necessities, clothes or medicines to works of art, cosmetic surgery treatments, sex toys or rhino dung. If, rhino dung which could be acquired by eBay a few years ago as part of an awareness campaign launched by the "International Rhino Foundation" to raise funds.

Oversimplify and ultimately, the digital channel environment is a buy / sell without physical barriers where they can market any product.

This reality, largely possible due to the revolution of "logistics" to "e-logistics".

The e-Logistics is one of the key points for an online store that wants to offer its customers not only a product and service quality, but also an excellent shopping experience. In other words, it enables a box of pastries come quickly, in good condition and reasonably priced before breakfast time. This allows an online business not only overcome the disadvantages of the oven corner, but add value. The e-logistics and part business capital, the same level as the usability of the website or product quality: a bad experience with sending the customer will never come back.

For many e-logistics is the physical part of ecommerce, a process involving several stages between which we highlight some as: warehousing, distribution, picking, management information systems or the stock.

    Stock management: it is one of the most important aspects of sound financial management. Usually online stores often choose to integrate their management of stock with their own ERP. In this way, they can control real-time availability of their products. It is essential for any model who markets perishables.

    Information Systems: any transaction between customer and supplier store must be connected to a system. The information must be available at any time to staff the required logistics.

    Distribution: have a reliable logistics operator is like having a mandatory life insurance. Be assured of complete delivery orders under optimal conditions and time agreed is necessary to achieve customer satisfaction.

    Storage: large stocks generate high costs, so we must find ways to avoid it. There are several logistics operators in offering integrated logistics service the ability to outsource the storage and management of stock.

It is important to remember that on the late 90s when ecommerce was beginning to establish itself, the logistics sector was reluctant at an early stage. Like many others, they were not able to perceive the business value and were not able to deal with the barriers, and overcome today in day, that arose at that time. However, as the ecommerce began to mature and barriers began to disappear, the logistics industry discovered not only a great business opportunity, but its purpose in the future.

While banks are still trying ecommerce as a branch of residual business, giving priority to outdated products which do not favor real growth of the economy, logistics partners have adapted to the new business model. They have developed from innovative tracking systems to integrated management of stock.

Previously, logistics was not perceived beyond an inevitable post-transaction service for the seller. Now, it has now become a fundamental part of the sales process, transmitting the values of the company to the same extent that communication in social networks and web experience.

Today, choosing a supplier in this sector must be consistent with the image we want to project to the consumer. The final decision becomes a strategic factor.


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