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Values Related to Receipt from Export

Values Related to Receipt from Export

How to get the export figures :

  •         by crediting the corresponding value in the overseas account held in stock by the exporter ;
  •         by crediting an account held abroad by authorized to operate in foreign exchange bank in the country ;
  •         through international transfers in reais , then included payment orders coming from abroad in domestic currency ;
  •         through use of international card issued abroad;
  •         by international money order, in operations up to the equivalent of U.S. $ 50 000 value , subject to regulations of the Post Office ;
  •         in species -specific regulation observed ;
  •         through facilitating international payments company domiciled in the country such cases , the exporter will receive the funds in real , by credit to the account of the exporter deposit or credit card in their ownership .

No need to bring to Brazil all the recipes I got with my sales abroad ?


According to regulations, the exporter of goods or services can maintain abroad , completeness of features related to the receipt of their exports . Although the exporter can keep outdoors all proceeds from their exports , he must observe the provisions of the Federal Revenue of Brazil regarding the Statement on the Use of Funds in Foreign Currency Receipt Arising from Export ( Derex ) .


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